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Jul 5, 2011

After a long break, I was able to catch up with Nelson Lebo. After a long monologue introduction by yours truly we launch into a discussion about building raised the beds the fast, cheap, and easy way. Hidden in this episode are a boatload of helpful hints on backyard gardening and homesteading.

Enjoy the episode, I leave for vacation tomorrow and hopefully I will get back on the horse again and knock out a few great episodes so that I can get to that coveted 100th episode. I think we will have a roundtable discussion with the guys that we first started with... I may also pester my wife to join us. Who knows...


nine and a half years ago

>I love to go to your blog page and see what is going on with Matt and Kelly (even when we are included in some piuecrts I love your comments).Please keep this up!Best, Sandy